U.S. crude oil industry supremacy

U.S. crude oil industry supremacy

President Xi Jinping promised in his keynote speech at the Boao Forum for Asia last week that he would open up a whole new horizon for openingU.S. crude oil industry supremacy up. This speech further expanded some suggestions, including increasing imports, relaxing restrictions on foreign ownership, and strengthening intellectual property protection, all of which are the core issues of Trump’s dissatisfaction with the US-China trade.

White House spokesman Sanders said that President Trump still hopes to meet with Russian President Putin, which may imply that the US-Russian conflict will not escalate. With the cooling of risk aversion, investors need to be wary that once tonight’s report is rebellious, the oil price outlook may be ill-fated.

Orders must be placed with a stop loss. For any investment transaction, you must bring a stop loss when placing an order. Experienced investors absolutely understand the importance of stop loss settings. Only by doing a good stop loss can the loss be minimized, and setting a stop loss is also the fundamental guarantee for long-term profits in crude oil speculation.

At the same time, its statement on the oil issue also has forward-looking guidance for other OPEC members, which provides a guarantee for oil supply. The only factor of uncertainty is that at the June meeting, the other 22 member states may have objections to this, because the decline in oil prices touched the cheese of their interests, so the increase in oil production may not be obvious until the third quarter of this year. Pick up.

Affected by the reduction in US crude oil inventories, the two oil prices reversed the previous decline and rose slightly in the Asian market on June 6 on Wednesday. As of 0:00 Beijing time, US crude oil rose 0.% to $672 per barrel, and Brent crude oil rose 0.07% to $74 per barrel.

They do not believe that oil prices will rise above US$80 in the short term, especially considering Saudi Arabia and Russia have pledged to increase productiU.S. crude oil industry supremacyon. However, EnergyAspect’s chief oil analyst Amrita