Crude oil prices today

Crude oil prices today

Although it is a good thing to be strict with yourself, such investors who make orders all the time may classify it as unrequited lovCrude oil prices todaye. In fact, many times in the market, rest is used instead of taking orders, because rest is also a technique for taking orders.

The Dutch Anzhi Bank pointed out that due to geopolitical risks and the overdevelopment of some fundamentals in the market, Brent crude oil has returned to above US$70 per barrel in April. Therefore, the bank raised its 208 annual average price of Brent crude oil from US$60.25 per barrel to US$650; the US crude oil 208 annual average price estimate was raised from US$575 to US$650.

Spot crude oil investment is an emerging investment project, so how to judge the K-line chart to determine the market trend, how to choose to enter the normal point in the spot investment market, this is actually a question of how to operate crude oil investment. The author writes about my experience and some good crude oil investment skills here. Hope it will be helpful to the majority of spot crude oil investors.

After oil and natural gas are cracked, ethylene, propylene and other chemicals can be extracted, which can be used to make a range of everyday products from sports shoes to computer keyboards. Although the scientific principles may be obscure, but in the oil-rich Persian Gulf, petrochemical companies are doing very large businesses, and they will further expand their scale. Energy producers are paying more and more attention to these compounds because they are the key to more profit from crude oil.

So at the OPEC meeting on Friday, Saudi Arabia will have to deal with the interests of all parties. It not only wants to maximize OPEC's revenue without curbing demand for crude oil, but also to appease the recent close allies of Trump and OPEC who oppose the increase in production. Whether Saudi Arabia, caught in a dilemma, can finally break out of the situation, we will wait and see.

Relevant ship tracking data showed that the export volume of Iranian oil and condensate fell below 20Crude oil prices today0,000 barrels per day in August, the lowest level since 206, and the export volume of crude oil hit the lowest level since this month.

Initially, the scale of Nigeria's production reduction did not comply with quota requirements. According to OPEC data, the monthly output of Africa’s largest crude oil producer was 790,000 barrels per day, higher than its quota of 690,000 barrels per day.