Crude oil trading hours

Crude oil trading hours

This week, international oil pricesCrude oil trading hours ended up falling by %. Next week, the crude oil market ushered in the US non-agricultural data for February. Before that, there were opinions that the inflection point of international oil prices is approaching, and oil prices may rebound or fall back to the US$40 floor. price.

Russia hopes to increase production at around 500,000 barrels per day, while Saudi Arabia is under greater pressure from the United States and has to curb the rise in oil prices. The two major oil-producing countries have undoubtedly the greatest motivation for increasing production.

A simple example is that when the spot crude oil price is 49 US dollars per barrel, the point of buying a long order when entering the market may be 4 US dollars, and the point of buying a short order may be 49 US dollars. The difference between 0. U.S. dollars is the spread, and market makers rely on this 0. U.S. dollars to make profits, and all other funds are in market turnover.

After Venezuelan President Maduro was re-elected as president, the market worried that the United States would impose sanctions on Venezuelan oil exports. According to reports, US President Trump signed an executive order prohibiting US citizens from participating in the sale of oil-related Venezuelan receivables.

Detailed data shows that EIA predicts that U.S. crude oil production will increase by 440,000 barrels per day in 208, compared with an increase of 440,000 barrels per day before; it is expected that U.S. crude oil production will increase by 0 million barrels per day in 209, compared with an increase of 970,000 barrels per day before. .

For the EU, oil deals with Iran are of vital interest. The EU has repeatedly called on European companies to ignore Trump's oil ban. In ordCrude oil trading hourser to avoid the US restrictions on Iranian oil, the European Union also announced that it would bypass the US dollar and create a new payment system to replace the US-led SWIFT payment system.

The rapid growth of shale oil shipments in the United States is more than enough to offset OPEC's production cuts, pushing millions of barrels of crude oil into European waters, increasing the amount of crude oil stored by tankers in these waters to the highest level in the past eight months.