How many sellers are there in the crude oil market?

How many sellers are there in the crude oil market?

Obviously, the surge in U.S. shale oil production is a major reason for the surge in U.S. crude oil exports. In the past few years, U.S. refining production has consumed a large part of the greatly increased supply How many sellers are there in the crude oil market?of shale oil, but the amount they can consume is limited. In addition, the type of oil that U.S. refineries can handle is not exactly the same as the oil extracted from the Texas shale field.

Olivier Jacobs, an analyst at Petromatrix, an oil consulting company, said that the U.S. official stated that they informed Russia through normal conflict resolution channels, saying that they would pass through Syria’s airspace during the battle, but would not harm Russia’s airspace. assets. The prior communication with Russia was to avoid a head-on conflict with Russia.

An OPEC source who is aware of Iran’s position said that OPEC’s compliance with production cuts may return to 00%. In fact, OPEC’s compliance with production cuts in May reached a new high again. Compared with the production level before the cuts, it was reduced by 2.5 million barrels/day, which exceeded the production reduction target by about 700,000 barrels/day. This means that if it returns to the 00% compliance According to regulations, OPEC still has room to increase production by about 700,000 barrels.

When the K-line price rises from the middle rail to the upper rail, and the macd is in the fast line and the slow line below the 0 axis, the KDJ continues to rise and fails to reach the 80 line, but it can catch up in the short-term. The accuracy rate is generally above 70%.

my country's gasoline price has entered the 6 yuan era after the price adjustment on the 0th. But for most of this year, oil prices are still rising. From this year to October, my country’s gasoline prices have risen by 40 yuan/ton, and diesel prices have risen by 85 yuan/ton.

HSBC said that the How many sellers are there in the crude oil market?most likely outcome of the OPEC meeting is to issue a general statement in which it promises that OPEC will ensure adequate market supply, but will not provide any specific details. Member states are unlikely to agree to increase production, and it is expected that no formal agreement will be reached at the OPEC meeting on specific increases in production figures.

So it is very necessary to find the right position to go short. When oil prices fall, there is often a counter-drawing at a certain support position. At this time, it is mainly because the short-selling power temporarily fades. When the counter-drawing reaches an important resistance level, the shorts will re-enter the market and the buying will gradually disappear. It began to outweigh the long power, which caused the price of crude oil to continue to fall. Shorting at this time is the best time and location.

The key is that CFTC data shows that in the week ending on the 2nd, hedge funds’ net long positions in WTI crude oil futures and options increased by 4% to 57,648 contracts; long positions rose for the third consecutive week, while short positions decreased by 7%.