What is crude oil price

What is crude oil price

According to related reports, the price of What is crude oil pricesoybeans at the Port of Paranagua in Brazil is US$960/ton, which is US$60 higher than the price of soybeans in the Gulf of Mexico in the southern United States, equivalent to about 450 yuan, which is even 25% higher than imports from the United States. Later it will be more expensive.

Oil prices have soared since the beginning of this year, breaking through US$80 per barrel for the first time in May this year, the first since 204. OPEC-led production cuts and declines in Venezuela and Libya's production, as well as the return of the United States’ oil sanctions on Iran this month, have pushed up oil prices.

At present, the market focus is still on the Brexit referendum in the United Kingdom this week. The latest polls show that the staying camp is slightly better, the market’s risk aversion has eased, global stock markets have risen sharply, and investors have covered the previous short pound and US dollar positions. The dollar is therefore under pressure.

At the Vienna Conference last weekend, OPEC+ has decided to increase production by 0 million barrels per day from the July period to the end of 208. After that, Russia once again issued a negative signal, saying that Russia has planned to further increase production in 209. This may be right. The oil market constitutes a new round of shocks.

At the same time, the gas station discount rate in some areas in China is amazing. For example, in Guangdong, Zhejiang, Fujian and other provinces, some gas station gasoline discount rates can reach more than RMB yuan/liter, and even some gas stations have a discount rate of 2 yuan/liter.

The United States has long been dissatisfied with OPEC. Since the oil crisis in 1997, OPEC has What is crude oil pricebeen a thorn in the eyes of the United States. As mentioned in previous articles by China Oil.com, since April this year, Trump has named OPEC on Twitter almost every month. Even in May, a bill to combat OPEC was proposed-No

According to Reuters, an official of the US State Department stated on June 28 that as sanctions on Iran will be restarted this month, the United States is ready to cooperate with countries in a specific analysis of specific issues to help them reduce imports of Iranian oil.