Indian crude oil market

Indian crude oil market

Secondly, the price difference between Brent-WTI crude oil is used as an indicator to measure the tightening of the oil market. The widening of the price difference between the two Indian crude oil marketindicates that global supply and demand may have reached a tight balance, which supports stronger Brent oil prices and indicates that oil prices will still be in the future. Will go higher.

The smaller the account amount, the greater the trading risk. Therefore, avoid allowing the trading account to only have a fluctuation level of 200 points. Such an account amount is not allowed to make a mistake. However, even experienced traders may make mistakes in judgment. `

Trump’s attitude towards high oil prices is known to the world, so he often sees Trump’s tweets calling for oil prices to be too high. This is not true. On the 28th, Trump once again tweeted for OPEC to increase production and reduce prices, and said thank you.

In general, the market’s concerns about the Iranian nuclear issue are basically not very suspenseful. With the approach of the Iranian nuclear issue, the trend of crude oil will temporarily return to fundamental changes. On the one hand, the trend of the U.S. index and on the other Changes in inventory, but the current oil price is still at a relatively safe point, fluctuations in the 67-69 range are within an acceptable range.

As far as Friday's crude oil market is concerned, due to the lack of news in the day, oil prices remain at the 68 line for the time being. If the market can close this week within the 68-69 range, it can provide a certain basis for crude oil trends next week. However, if the final oil price falls below the 68 line this week, then crude oil will face further correction pressure next week.

The OPEC closed-door meeting has begun, and Iran’s statement is currently the most critical factor in deciding whether to increase production. Originally, Iran, which has been sanctioned by the United States, has aIndian crude oil marketlways firmly resisted the increase in production. After a loosening of its attitude yesterday, it once again issued a signal of rejection.

American’s point of view and refuted that American-produced oil pipelines can effectively replace the special steel pipelines they need. Trump’s decision to reject is based entirely on the unfair trade prices of Greek steel exports. Therefore, Plains