LLS crude oil spot price

LLS crude oil spot price

In the last round of pricing cycle, affected by the US sanctions on Iran, Trump's tweet requesting OPEC not to cut production, and the expectedLLS crude oil spot price decline in crude oil demand, international oil prices fell for two consecutive days, with the largest drop of 7%, and once fell below $60. /barrel.

According to reports on the 26th, Saudi Arabia’s decision to increase production to a new record and the U.S. order to ban its allies from importing Iranian crude oil, otherwise it would impose secondary sanctions on companies in the country. These two news detonated oil prices, and crude oil prices once stood above US$70/barrel. .

Currie pointed out that what matters is the level of demand, not the growth rate. Oil demand is 100 million barrels per day, exceeding supply, and supply is difficult to keep up. This is also the reason why cash, commodities and oil outperformed late in the business cycle because of the high demand. He also added that the demand is much higher than anyone thought.

The reason why Iranian gasoline prices are so cheap is mainly because the country’s currency, the rial, has severely depreciated this year. Because of pressure from the United States, the Iranian currency continued to depreciate from April to July this year, falling to 20,000 rials against the U.S. dollar. By the month of 0, it had reached 80,000 riyals to the dollar.

If spot crude oil investors treat their investments with the mentality of cultivating children, most investors' investment results will be very different. You will treat every investment transaction you make carefully and protect every investment transaction you make, just like protecting your children, even if it is a small transaction. Regardless of the time, place, people and place, to conduct short-term transactions day and night, ignoring market risks, is not enough care for their children.

Chasing orders: A way to place orders iLLS crude oil spot pricen the direction of price fluctuations at the beginning of the market and complete the transaction in a short period of time. Order chasing is a frequently used method of placing orders, but since chasing orders is a transaction made when the price fluctuates sharply, there is a great risk in this.