nd crude oil price

nd crude oil price

Royal Bank of Canada Capital Markets stated that Asian countries with limited financing capacity and less affluent Asian countries are more likely to face fiscal problems when faced with rising oil prind crude oil priceces. Unless fuel consumption can be heavily subsidized, it will increase the level of inflation in these countries, which will affect consumers and businesses. Make an impact.

On February 8, King Salman of Saudi Arabia passed the 209 Saudi budget. The budget shows that the scale of Saudi expenditure next year is expected to reach 06 trillion riyals, or about 0 trillion yuan, and the economic growth is expected to be 6%. In 209, Saudi Arabia's fiscal expenditure increased by% compared with that in 208, and its fiscal revenue increased by 9%. The King of Saudi Arabia stated that this is the largest fiscal expenditure budget in Saudi history. Saudi Arabia will continue to promote economic reforms, improve fiscal transparency, and promote the development of the private economy.

The efficient market theory of classical economics assumes that the financial market will eventually move towards equilibrium. According to Soros's view, the operation of the financial market is destined to be an ineffective market, that is, irrational. Relying on the effective market theory to judge the market is also unreliable. The use and grasp of the investment opportunities provided by the ineffective market have made Soros's fund develop in a big state.

According to EIA estimates, the average daily output of the United States next year is expected to reach 500,000 barrels per day, exceeding this year’s 0.7 million barrels per day. The surge in U.S. oil production has directly brought about a significant increase in oil export demand and export volume. Once the volume of US oil exports goes up, it means that LNG shipbuilding orders and shipping business will increase significantly.

So in general, if the United States continues to act, it will probably trigger a strong rebound in Russia. The most important thing is that if Russia ends production cuts ahead of schedule and joins the battle with the United States in the crude oil market, it will further stimulate OPEC to end production cuts early. Because in the face of the two major oil-producing countries competing for the market, OPEC’s single-handed reduction in production is obviously difficult to support. Perhaps this year it may be able to maintain its promise to maintain production, but it may be difficult to say next year. Moreover, there are also previous news that OPEC has indicated that it is currently reducing production. The goal has been achieved, and there are voices in Iran that there is no need to cut production at the moment. Therefore, the fate of future crude oil production cuts is likely to end due to the crude oil competition between the United States and Russia. At that time, crude oil prices may face endless declines again.

For international oil prices, pressure on the US dollar is goond crude oil priced news, but whether it can get rid of the sharp rise depends on the supply and demand of the oil market. During the day, international oil prices fell by nearly 2%, falling below the $45 mark. The emergence of the above news is likely to roughly wipe out the decline in the evening and return to the $45 mark.

If the price rises, the selling point becomes a take profit, because the selling point is a pressure level, where a sell signal appears, which means that the price may reverse and the profit should be locked first. The stop loss is to ensure the safety of the transaction, but the stop loss itself is a loss, and this loss must be made up with profit, and the stop profit is to lock in the profit to make up for the loss.

Flynn said that even if Iran’s output exceeds OPEC’s quota, the market believes that US sanctions will severely reduce Iran’s supply. Market concerns have supported oil prices. At the same time, energy information provider Genscape showed that crude oil inventories in Cushing, the US crude oil inventory center, have fallen.