U.S. crude oil storage

U.S. crude oil storage

Recently, I often hear some friends who have been in the spot crude oil investment industry for many years discussing the latest investment market together. Among these people, everyone has their own ways of making money. This makes many novice investors very envious. I believe that manU.S. crude oil storagey novice investors want to draw some investment essence from them, because everyone is not stupid. Who is investing? Not for making money!

The trade dispute between the United States and the United States will slow economic growth and harm the demand for oil. This concern has been at the forefront of the market recently. Despite these concerns, the crude oil market may be supported by US sanctions on Iran.

Hackberry. According to the announcement of the U.S. Department of Energy, the tender will be held at 2 pm Central Time on August 28. The minimum delivery volume for pipelines is 0 million barrels, the minimum delivery volume for ships is 250,000 barrels and the minimum delivery volume for barges. The volume is 40,000 barrels.

OPEC and its allies succeeded in eliminating the oversupply of crude oil through a production cut plan implemented in early 207, pushing oil prices to an annual high of $75/barrel. Venezuela has cut 6 times its promised output due to the domestic economic crisis, which will help OPEC achieve its production reduction target.

Analysts such as Panigirtzoglou pointed out that rising oil prices are bringing about a recovery of cash flow and income around the world, essentially reversing the downturn from 204 to 206.

According to the Wall Street Journal, citing people familiar with the matter, US President Trump plans to ban many companies from investing in US technology and prevent the export of more technology. These two measures will be announced this weekend, aimed at countering manufacturing 2025. According to tU.S. crude oil storagehe Wall Street Journal, the U.S. Treasury Department is drafting regulations to prohibit companies with more than 25% shareholding from acquiring U.S. companies involving major industrial technologies. The intensification of Sino-US trade disputes has put pressure on risky assets such as crude oil.

In fact, there was another potential benefit overnight that became the driving force behind the skyrocketing oil prices. A document released by the World Trade Organization yesterday showed that the United States recently expressed to the WTO that it is willing to work with China on 22 measures for the United States’ imports of steel and aluminum products and the United States’ approach to China. The taxation proposals under the investigation will be negotiated under the WTO dispute settlement mechanism. The US's move is to follow the WTO's conventional procedures for resolving trade disputes. Bloomberg commented that despite the tough stance of the Trump administration, this document indicates that the Sino-US trade dispute may be resolved through negotiations.

Just as the US CNBC report stated that the government let them work, but did not tell these people when they will be paid next time, which is outrageous. The report precisely reflects the current uncertainty in the US economic market, and the US dollar index may further fall under pressure.